School Stomp

The School Stomp is a sponsored walk for the whole school to raise money for the world’s poorest children to give them the essential health care and futures they deserve.

It’s a healthy and fun way for students to raise money and awareness for the health issues faced by children all over the world.

The School Stomp can also be linked to a variety of curriculum areas, including:

    • English – persuasive writing to ask for sponsorship
    • Maths – measure different routes, the time in different parts of the world or counting donations
    • Geography – find out more about the countries Health Poverty Action works with
    • Art – create posters for the event
    • Science – look at the effect of exercise and food on the human body
    • Healthy Eating and Nutrition – what foods and drinks promote a healthy lifestyle
    • PE – take part in The School Stomp!

How do we do the School Stomp?

When they STOMP for health care around the world, students work in partnership with some of the world’s poorest communities. By bringing in £1 to take part in the School Stomp, students are providing the support needed to give families the essential health care and futures they deserve.

Get in touch with our friendly Community & Events Team to arrange your School Stomp! Choose a time and date that would suit your school and get in touch with Adam who can personally help you arrange your event.

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