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Health Poverty Action USA 

Since Health Poverty Action USA was established in early 2022, our initial audit will be conducted after our first fiscal year of operation. Please visit again for updated annual reports and audited account information. If you have any questions about our activities, fundraising, or accounts, please contact us.

Our Policies


The Health Poverty Action Program Participants Safeguarding and Protection Policy (PPSPP) has been developed to ensure the maximum protection of program participants from exploitation. If you have a safeguarding incident to report, please fill out this form and email it to report@healthpovertyaction.org as soon as possible.


All Health Poverty Action staff have a duty to report any known or suspected cases of abuse, exploitation, harassment or other forms of unacceptable behavior. As outlined in our whistleblowing policy document, Health Poverty Action has a policy of zero reprisal for whistle-blowers when an accusation is made in good faith. If you have a serious complaint when standard channels have been exhausted as outlined in our policy, please email report@healthpovertyaction.org and email fraud@healthpovertyaction.org for reporting cases of fraud.