Meet the incredible people driving change in their own communities


The water was unsafe to drink, but it was often the only choice that local people like Esther Mumba had...

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Douangpi is a malaria worker trained by Health Poverty Action who is reaching out and providing health services to forest-goers and mobile migrant workers across southern Laos...

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The Kaunhu family in Zimbabwe

Peter and Sanisai

Peter and Sanisai live with their children in a remote part of Mutoko, Zimbabwe...

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Adela is a 67 year old Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) from Totonicapán, Guatemala who has been delivering babies for 40 years...

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Five months pregnant with her second child, Xao lives in the remote region of Tsumkwe, Namibia...

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Mama Mathowe

Mama Mathowe is a former circumciser who recently abandoned the practice after she was invited to join the community conversation...

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Like many of the women in her village Gulshan is a young mother. Unlike most she has been to both high school and college...

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Amie is a maternal health promoter in the Bombali district of Sierra Leone...

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18-year-old Aamiina* is from Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia...

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