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Legally regulating drugs means making them safer

From restricting access to medicines to destroying the livelihoods of poor farmers, the so-called ‘war on drugs’ is harming people across the world  – including inflicting violence and racism on marginalised communities.

Legally regulating the drugs trade will make it safer and healthier from producer to consumer. The global movement for legal regulation is growing! Add your name and stand with us.

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Legally regulating drugs means making them safer, controlling who has access to them and where they can be sold. It will reduce violence and corruption by replacing the illicit drugs market with one that safeguards livelihoods and communities. It will mean that the money spent on upholding prohibition can be directed to health and social services.

Just as governments and policymakers have created poverty and powerlessness through prohibition, they can implement new drug policies that create a healthier and more equal world.