Head of Policy and Campaigns - Maternity Cover

Job Title: Head of Policy and Campaigns (1 year maternity cover)

Responsible to: Director

Responsible for: 3 Policy and Campaigns staff (1 possibly based in in Nairobi) and co-Management of the Communications Manager.

Job purpose: To lead the policy and campaigns team to implement HPA’s policy and campaigns strategy to deliver high impact campaigning on the root causes of poverty and poor health.

Salary: £41,742

Hours: Full or part time

Closing date: Sunday 17th November 11.59pm

Interview dates: 28 November

Please send your application form or CV to: personnel@healthpovertyaction.org

Please note that due to a potentially high number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


Health Poverty Action is a medium sized INGO, which for over 30 years has been working to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health and social justice.

We are part of a global movement – the People’s Health Movement (PHM) – which achieved ground-breaking influence through the UN Conference on Primary Health Care at Alma-Ata in 1978. Such was the power of that moment, that 40 years later its radical vision continues to rally health workers, policy makers and activists worldwide.

Within the broad spectrum of organisations that make up the development sector, we aim to be a progressive voice and influence – and these words (from the PHM’s People’s Charter for Health), sum up Health Poverty Action’s ethos:

“Health is a social, economic and political issue and above all a fundamental human right. Inequality, poverty, exploitation, violence and injustice are at the root of ill-health and the deaths of poor and marginalised people. Health for all means that powerful vested interests have to be challenged, and that political and that economic priorities have to be drastically changed. This Charter encourages people to develop their own solutions, and to hold accountable local authorities, national governments, international organisations and corporations.”

This is the call we take up as an organisation – working with poor and marginalised communities around the world to develop and implement their own solutions, and to challenge the power imbalances that currently deny the right to health to so many. This work includes:

• In-country development programmes
We work with communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America, to help them tackle the factors denying them their health rights. This includes improving health systems and disease control, mental health, maternal and child health, food security and nutrition, water and sanitation, gender justice and eradicating harmful practices (such as FGM), and income generation and social enterprise.

• Influencing policy and practice
We lobby and campaign to change the unjust policies and practices that deny poor and marginalised people their health rights.

• Crisis response
When an emergency arises, and when we are in a position to contribute positively, we work with those affected to respond – doing so not as an isolated external intervention, but as integrated support to their ongoing struggle for health justice.

• Provision of contracted services (such as consultancy)
These can provide valuable social benefits in their own right, while also generating income for Health Poverty Action – which is ploughed back into our work.

We currently have programmes in 18 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which benefit many millions of people each year. We employ about 350 staff in these countries, mostly recruited from the populations they serve, and a further 25 people work in our London-based head office. Our annual income is currently around £19 million.

As Head of Policy and Campaigns you have a fantastic opportunity to make a uniquely valuable contribution.


Context of the role

Poverty is created. The way the world is shaped by those in power results in the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. HPA works to expose and effectively communicate about the root causes of poverty and poor health to mobilise people to affect change.

Alongside our work in 18 countries we have a small, dynamic and highly motivated Policy and Campaign teams based in London, with a plan to locate one post to Nairobi. The team works on the structural causes of poor health as well as supporting advocacy through our country offices.

The current themes of our work are drug policy reform; challenging and educating the public about the root causes of poor health; and health systems – including mental health. Both the themes of our work and our influencing tactics are broad. They range from detailed research and policy development through to advocacy and public campaigning. We are opportunistic, dynamic and flexible and believe in seizing opportunities as they arise.

Along with the Head of Fundraising you will also have joint responsibility for all of Health Poverty Action’s communications including co-management of the Communications Manager.

The role is varied and diverse and is a long way from being purely a management role. You will lead on specific pieces of work, which will range from writing opinion pieces, undertaking research, meeting decision makers and writing campaign actions.
We are looking for someone with excellent knowledge of the international development sector; sound senior management experience and the ability and willingness to deliver the existing strategy. The role will suit a dynamic person with a broad skill set spanning policy, advocacy and public campaigning. Successful candidates will have extensive experience of influencing policy; advocating with decision makers and communicating with the public. They will have superb writing and editing skills; the ability to multitask across a broad range of areas in a fast paced environment and be an excellent people manager.



The post of Head of Policy and Campaigns is a senior position in the organisation.

• Oversight and implementation of the Policy and Campaign’s strategy,

• Provide support and capacity building to scale up advocacy in HPA’s country programmes

• Joint responsibly for the organisation’s communications

• Provide direction, management and support to the Policy and Campaigns Team and co-management of the Communications Manager

• As a member of the Senior Management Team, support the Director in the running of the organisation.

• Generate increased profile, resources and public support for Health Poverty Action.

• Represent the organisation to a range of external stakeholders.



Management and operational

• Line manage the policy and campaigns team, providing guidance support and oversight including strategic input into workplans as well as performance reviews and some HR tasks.

• Provide support and structure to a new Nairobi based policy and campaigns role building effective and strategic links between the policy and campaigns and programmes teams.

• With the rest of the SMT engage in the overall management of the organisation including undertaking operational tasks

• Champion the work of the Policy and Campaigns team throughout the organisation including reporting to the board.

• Generate funding and manage relationships with donors

• Manage the departmental budget and report to donors.

Policy, advocacy and campaigning

• Ensure the implementation of the existing policy and campaigns strategy to meet advocacy goals with impact

• Provide input and guidance to work on drug policy; health systems and health justice enacted both in London and Nairobi.

• Lead on a variety of key policy and campaigns tasks such as research, generating policy and public campaigning

• Provide feedback, edit and sign off the team’s work

• Represent the organisation with key external audiences and decision makers

• Maintain oversight of an extensive profile of events


• With the Head of Fundraising lead the organisation’s communications ensuring we communicate with core audiences with clarity, integrity and impact

• With the Head of Fundraising, lead and oversee organisational communications, branding and audience development.
• Ensure our work and messages achieve high profile in print, broadcast and online media.
• Maximise integration and complementarity between these two departments, increasing Health Poverty Action’s ability to reach, recruit and develop new supporters.
• Ensure our organisational messages reach large and growing audiences, especially those strategically identified as priorities.
• Anything else reasonable to the role.


a) Read the attached Job Description

b) Complete the attached application form with specific mention to the personal specifications or provide a full CV along with a personal statement setting out why you feel the role is a good fit for you and how you meet each of the criteria in the person specification in turn

NB: If you choose to submit a CV and personal statement, it is important that you include in your CV all the information requested in the application form, including:
– all academic qualifications, with grades obtained
– full career history, including voluntary work and personal interests
– whether or not you can work full time

c) PLEASE EMAIL YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION TO: personnel@healthpovertyaction.org

At Health Poverty Action we celebrate diversity and promote equality and inclusion amongst all of our staff and everyone we work with.

Thank you for considering working with Health Poverty Action.


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